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How you can tell what sort of problem your drive may have.

Software Problems: are where your hard drive generally spins up and sounds fine but you just cant see your data or it's being reported perhaps your drive needs formatting when you try to access it.

Alot of software related recoveries are done in house by our specialised data recover technicians.

Hardware Problems: are where for example your hard drive doesn't spin up at all, there are no sounds or maybe just it just sounds 'like it has a problem',  such as high pitched noise, clicking sounds etc.  These will need a detailed inspection and be quoted on.

The hardware based data recoveries are usually inspected and worked on in our clean room.


We always provide a free quote when you either bring your drive in or sent it to us.  Alot of times we can give you a basic quote on the spot, through email or an idea of what a hardware based quote may come in at.

Privacy & Confidentiality

While we undertake to take every care and to guarantee complete privacy and confidentiality for your valuable data, Data Recovery Now will not be held responsible for any loss or damage that may occur whilst in our possession.

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