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Pricing/Turn Around Time

Prices start from $95.00! 

It is difficult to quote on recovery before we start working on the drive. The price depends on how much data there is to recover and how the data was lost, eg. deleted files or file system issues are a lot easier it recover than a drive failure eg.  head issues.

Rates Summary Outline

:: Stage 1 - Recovery ::

This covers drives with bad sectors, file system related issues, deleted files, asking to be formatted or anything not required to enter a clean room.

Stage 1 Costs Range:    $95-$565

USB Broken/File System Issues/Deleted Data: $95-345
Hard Drive Basic Recoveries: $225-345
Hard Drive File System Issues: $225-385
Hard Drive PCB/CircuitBoard Damage/BurnOut: ** $415-585
Hard Drive Bad Sectors Recovery: ** $395-575
Hard Drive Formatted/Windows Over Install: ** $415-565

** Non-Refundable Deposit of $125 Required

Initial evaluation response within 1-3 days, with a turn around time of around 5-7 days worse case scenario for drives not hardware damaged.  At times this could be faster such as next day (depends on many factors).

The (Non-Refundable Deposit) is required specifically for certain recoveries to cover our time looking for the data or ordering the required parts to do the most part of the work involved.


:: Stage 2 - Clean Room - Hardware Recoveries ::

Initial Quotation: $500 Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required

Stage-2 Data Recoveries are for hard drives with possible head failure, circuit board problems, motor failure or platter issues. These are required to enter a clean room for inspection to diagnose the exact problem and then be you will be quoted on the repair cost.  For example if the heads need replacing on your drive, the recovery cost would be around $1750.

The initial payment if we are able to establish a repair path and you decide to go ahead with the repair is built into the final price.

Turn around times for a quote is approx 3-10 days and depending on the issue relating to the hard drive it may take up to 6-10 weeks for recovery once quoted - time frames will be discussed on initial quotation depending on the problem/s the drive has and time frames to order the necessary parts in to repair the drive/s to perform our data recovery procedures.


:: RAID - All Types ::

Initial Quotation: $225 Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required

Pricing depends on RAID type and each drives individual problems.

A starting price on either type of recovery Stage1 or Stage2 starts at $550 for a basic raid and goes up from there, average price of a RAID-5 is around $1200-1800....  before hardware or parts.

We have performed various 2 drives RAID-0's, RAID-5's with 4 or more drives previously for clients with good success rates.

If the RAID setup was used with a specialised RAID card, we ask that you supply that with the drives or it may be added to the cost if we need to purchase a specialised card to 'interface' with the drives.


:: Express Service ::

Should your job require express service, our technicians will work overtime to recover your data. Contact us to find out more about our 'Express Data Recovery'

All prices are AUD and Inclusive of GST

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