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Alderley Brisbane
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Previous Customers Testimonials

"Data Recovery Now have rescued us lots of times, especially when our financial computer died and they managed to recover the hard drive. Years worth of data saved! We have purchased lots of computer hardware from computer drive over the years and they are especially skilled at matching our needs with purpose built or found solutions." Peter Latemore, Latemore Designs.

"Thankyou so much guys, can't thank you enough, you were cheaper than anywhere else I tried and you actually gave good service the whole way along" Rod Dennis, Dennis & Hyde Financial

"When I lost years of recordings the band was ready to cause pain to me, I was in the process of backing up when the drive died after I - may or may not have dropped it...I called EVERYWHERE because being in an unsigned band, I have no money and everywhere wanted hundred of dollars even if it failed! and thousands if it worked. We threw a party the day we got all our data back from Data Recovery Now, they really saved my b$%&s!" Danny Rhodes, Kleinzeit (Band).

"Thanks guys, very fast, professional and extremely fair pricing, will recommend you to all my clients". Grant Rogers (Sole Trader)

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